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Vicki Black

Vicki Black, MA VetMB ECVIM-CA MRCVS FHEA, RCVS Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Medicine

2020 Lectures

Blood, Sweat and tears? The approach to a bleeding dog

Bleeding disorders represent a source of concern for clients and veterinarians alike. Disorders of haemostasis can appear complicated, often due to the inaccessibility of the coagulation cascade and cell-based model of haemostasis. Whilst the underlying mechanisms behind the formation of a blood clot and the pathophysiology of hypocoagulability is a highly complicated process the approach to these animals can be simplified.

Bleeding disorders can be divided into those affecting primary haemostasis, secondary haemostasis, and fibrinolysis. Some cases will not neatly fit in to one of these categories and should always be considerations including consumptive coagulopathy (disseminated intravascular coagulation), or angiostrongylus infection. This lecture will review the different aspects of clotting and how and when this can go wrong in dogs and cats.

Acute Medicine interactive cases

During this lecture we will review some interesting cases, including the logical, pragmatic approach, with consideration of scenarios where there are limitations such as financial or advanced imaging restrictions. The lecture will aim to inspire confidence in attendees and allow practitioners to feel empowered when approaching the acutely unwell patient.


Vicki graduated from Cambridge in 2009, following 2 years in first opinion practice she completed an internship in private practice, followed by a residency at University of Bristol, where she still works as a senior clinician. She became a European Diplomate and RCVS recognised specialist in small animal internal medicine in 2016. Vicki has a special interest in haematological and immunological disorders and feels passionate about the importance of a logical, pragmatic approach to medical cases.