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Suzanne Rudd

Suzanne Rudd – DipAVN (Medical) RVN

2018 Lectures

Bleeding hell – The problem with feline blood transfusions

Since a feline blood bank is unavailable in the UK and ordering blood from over seas can be costly, collecting feline blood is still most commonly performed in practice. However finding a suitable donor can be difficult and organising a smooth and efficient collection process can often be problematic. This lecture will look at the indications for performing a feline blood transfusion, the criteria for and finding a suitable donor, the equipment and procedure for collecting feline blood using a closed system, how to administer the transfusion safely and what to do in the event of a transfusion reaction.

Assisted feeding in the cat: Why, When and How?

How to be a good cat handler

Bio: Suzanne Rudd DipAVN (Medical) RVN

After qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse in Nottingham in 1999 Suzanne moved to The Feline Centre at Langford Veterinary Services in 2002 as a feline medicine nurse. Suzanne is now the senior feline nurse and has a wealth of knowledge nursing cats from all disciplines. She is involved in teaching and lecturing the veterinary and veterinary nursing undergraduates as well as lecturing around the UK in all things feline. She has a particular interest in feline behaviour and handling within the veterinary practice.