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Ian Wright

Ian Wright BVMS BSc

2019 VetCPD Congress Lectures

The early bird catches the worm: parasitology Q and A’s

Early parasite diagnosis, treatment and preventative measures in cats and dogs help to improve prognostic outcomes, reduce zoonotic risk and prevent spread. Two cases will presented as examples of domestic and exotic parasite infections in practice. Their will then be an opportunity to share cases and ask questions regarding parasite infections in pets.

Parasites post Brexit

The risk of exotic parasites to UK pets remains high post brexit but what has changed and what advice should nurses be giving to clients in a post brexit world. This lecture will consider the exotic parasites seen in travelled UK cats and dogs in 2018 and clinical signs that nurses need to be vigilant for in imported pets. Pet travel rules and parasite prevention will also be considered and the role that nurses play in delivering accurate advice to clients.


Ian is a practising Veterinary surgeon and co-owner of the Mount Veterinary Practice in Fleetwood. He has a Master’s degree in Veterinary Parasitology, is head of the European Scientific Counsel of Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) UK & Ireland and guideline director for ESCCAP Europe. Ian is regularly published in peer review journals, and an editorial board member for the Companion animal and Vet CPD journals. He continues to carry out research in practice including work on intestinal nematodes and ticks.