Suzanne Rudd

Assisted feeding in the anorexic cat

Presented by Suzanne Rudd

Suzanne Rudd – DipAVN (Medical) RVN

Anorexia in cats is a common symptom of many medical diseases and also occurs as a result of pain or in times of anxiety. Finding the cause and resolving anorexia can therefor be challenging for the veterinary nurse. This lecture will look at the veterinary nurse’s approach to the anorexic cat and the steps leading to resolution. For times when anorexia cannot be resolved in the short term, assisted feeding will be required. Focus will be given to the most common methods of assisted feeding, which method is most appropriate and look at the most practical aspects of each method.

How to be a good cat handler

Presented by Suzanne Rudd

Cats can be challenging to handle in practice. Being a good cat handler does not just require a good handling technique but a deeper understanding of cat behaviour and how the cat responds to the environment it is in. This lecture will look at many aspects of what it takes to be a good handler and include lots of practical tips meaning every nurse should be able to take something away with them to use in practice.